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  1. DRC Copper Mine Installs Jet Edge 5-Axis Water Jet Cutting System

    Waterjet manufacturer Jet Edge, Inc. and its Africa representative Jetstream Cutting Solutions CC announced today that operators of a remote copper mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are planning to double the mine’s productivity with the help of a new Jet Edge Edge X-5® 5-axis waterjet system

  2. Alphacam 2015 R1 Provides Efficiency And Productivity Gains

    The inclusion of a host of new and enhanced functionality in Alphacam 2015 R1 from Vero Software ensures manufacturers can compete in a global economy.

  3. Delcam Releases New PowerMILL CAM For Five-Axis And High-Speed Machining

    Delcam has released the 2015 R2 version of its PowerMILL programming software for five-axis and high-speed machining

  4. HEIDENHAIN’s Top Class Lathe Control Offers More

    HEIDENHAIN’s top-of-the-line lathe control, the CNC PILOT 640, now offers enhanced functions and new hardware for both the machine operator and builder. HEIDENHAIN lathe controls distinguish themselves by their convenient and simple programming, as well as their high-quality, ergonomic operating panel

  5. Roland DGA Introduces Advanced CAMM-1 GS-24 Desktop Cutter

    Roland DGA has introduced its most advanced desktop cutter ever, the new CAMM-1 GS-24, offering increased cutting power and precision, a host of high-performance features, and unsurpassed reliability, with an industry-best Three-Year Trouble-Free Warranty

  6. Freedom Machine Tool Announces CNC Advancements To Their 3 Axis CNC Machining Solutions

    Colorado-based original equipment manufacturer, Freedom Machine Tool announces 2015 advancements to their Patriot 3 Axis CNC Routers and Orthorout orthotic machining solutions for added versatility and productivity

  7. New Model Horizontal Bandsaw -- High Production Options Now Standard Features

    Behringer, a world-class provider of bandsawing machines, circular cold saws and structural fabricating equipment, has added more standard features to its HBE Dynamic Series horizontal bandsaws without increasing selling price

  8. ZW3D 2015 Beta Release: Upgraded Tools To Ease Design & Machining Tasks

    ZW3D, one of the world's leading suppliers of advanced CAD/CAM solutions for the manufacturing industry, recently announced the availability of ZW3D 2015 Beta, delivering new features and numerous enhancements to minimize overheads and maximize productivity in the design and manufacturing process

  9. Low Cost High Quality CNC Rapid Prototyping Machining In China

    HLH Prototypes offers some of the best prototyping services, including high quality CNC machining services in China

  10. Merry Mechanization Introduces Their New Improved Interactive Nesting

    Merry Mechanization (Merry Mech.) has recently improved their Interactive Nesting in the company’s 2D & 3D SMP/IS software which helps operators save time while increasing their control over the nesting process

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