Company Profile | January 1, 1996

Alliant - Rem Sales Inc.

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Since 1982 ALLIANT milling machines have made short work of the toughest jobs -- from general toolroom work to medium run production lots.

Head Quality: "true" 3 hp to 5 hp sizes. Spindle Quality: Triplex Class 7 spindle bearings. Spindle bore runout is consistent to .00015" manufacturing tolerance. Unique one-piece quill pinion and shaft unit. Construction Quality: Hardened and ground table. Hardened and ground sideways. Turcite "B" lining on X and Y axes. Extra wide Saddle. Full one-shot lubrication to ways and precision leadscrews for smooth operation and long life.

  • Turcite "B" lining on the X and Y axes
  • Hardened and ground work table
  • Double brass-nut backlash compensated on X and Y leadscrews