News | June 17, 2024

Bulldog Steel Fabrication Adds Table Laser CNC Cutting Machine

Bulldog Steel Fabrication announced they have added an all-new Mitsubishi Electric GX-F Series two-dimensional fiber laser processing machine to their manufacturing line that can cut all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Bulldog Steel Fabrication, a premier supplier of steel fabricated parts and components in Georgia, announced today they have added an all-new Mitsubishi Electric two-dimensional fiber laser processing machine to their manufacturing line that can cut all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The brand-new Mitsubishi GX-F series model laser table cutting machine has two-dimensional fiber lasers that delivers more power while using less energy. The integrated state-of-the-art dual axis lasers are faster than other table cutting options on the market. However, the more stable processing of the energy beam control also provides optimal performance and superior quality cutting in comparison to competitive cutting machines in the world today.

The GX-F series capabilities are equipped with artificial intelligence that have the capabilities to think, judge, and move for itself while determining cut patterns and quality control factors. The machine reflects the operator’s intentions to its utmost limit, as if it were having a conversation to properly understand the user’s goals regarding the precision cuts that are intended. Higher cutting speeds with intelligent, real-time monitoring during cutting moves Bulldog Steels output to the next level. The entire process works with less operator intervention and detects any abnormalities instantly as they occur and adjusts parameters to achieve the best results.

“The GX-F CNC Laser cutter is the pinnacle of laser cutting technology in the world today. Mitsubishi Electric created the ultimate table laser cutting machine, and Bulldog Steel Fabrication is proud to have this level of quality on our production line. We are excited to offer this level of precision cutting to our customer base and begin supplying new businesses. A major benefit to Bulldog Steel is the GX-F gives us the potential to tap into other growing metal cutting markets like aluminum, brass, nickel, stainless steel, galvanized, cast iron, tin, and copper. And the machine itself never stops advancing, so as we grow into these markets the machine is ready for further expansion to meet those demands. It helps position Bulldog Steel for the future of manufacturing,” said Carlin Thomas, President of Bulldog Steel Fabrication.

While fully utilizing its power to maximize output and efficiency, the GX-F is the ultimate energy saver providing savings economically and environmentally. Intuitive controls with automatic sheet detection and remnant utilization help minimize wasted material. The real time tracking of electrical and gas consumption monitoring with predictive maintenance technology ensures the highest eco-friendly capabilities and enables Bulldog Steel to do more while using fewer natural resources.

Bulldog Steel Fabrication is an industry leader in the Southeast for processing structural, flat rolled and coiled steel into customer specific component parts.

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Source: Bulldog Steel Fabrication, LLC