News | November 26, 2019

CAMaster Introduces New Automatic Lubrication System For CNC Routers

CAMaster, a manufacturer of high-quality, affordable, CNC production solutions based in Cartersville, Georgia, has introduced a new automatic lubrication system as an optional feature available on its CNC Routers.

“There are many advantages to the CAMaster Auto Lube System, including the peace-of-mind of knowing that your machine will operate more efficiently and longer,” explained Cody Smith, sales manager for CAMaster. “The CAMaster Auto Lube System takes much of the guesswork out of maintenance, ensuring that your CNC Router’s bearings and ballscrew are properly and continuously lubricated to keep the machine performing at an optimal level.”

The CAMaster Auto Lube System eliminates the need to manually grease each bearing and ballscrew. It automatically applies the right amount of grease to each component every time and protects against premature wear of the ballscrew, bearings as well as the linear rails. And, since lubrication occurs while the machine is in operation, the CAMaster Auto Lube System reduces costly downtime and offers the best way to lubricate components in an abrasive or high-dust environment.

To introduce this new feature, CAMaster will be offering the Auto Lube System, which is normally priced at $3,495, for the sale price of $2,995 through the end of 2019. The Auto Lube System is available only on new machines.

Source: CAMaster