News | April 13, 2017

Carbide 3D Announces The Launch Of Carbide Copper

Carbide Copper is free, easy to use software that makes it easy to machine PCBs on your desktop milling machine.

Torrance, CA (PRWEB) - Carbide 3D, manufacturer of desktop CNC machines, announces the launch of Carbide Copper, software to make printed circuit boards on their Nomad CNC machines.

Rob Grzesek, CEO and Co-Founder, "A lot of our customers are engineers, and their overwhelming feedback has been that they want to make PCBs on the Nomad. This was always possible but we didn’t have a recommended workflow or the tooling to support it. With Carbide Copper, we’ve fixed that. "

Carbide Copper was primarily designed for the Nomad Pro CNC machine but it’s free to use for anyone, not just Carbide 3D customers.

In addition to Carbide Copper, Carbide 3D has released a line of custom PCB engravers, drills, and circuit board blanks to make PCB machining easier.

"Back in our corporate days, we worked at a company that had a PCB engraver that cost $15,000. It was a great addition to the lab and we made a lot of PCBs on it. In the past few weeks, we’ve been amazed at how well the Nomad Pro with Carbide Copper compares to a purpose-built machine, at a fraction of the cost," said Grzesek.

Carbide Copper is free to use and available now at

About Carbide 3D 
Carbide 3D is a California-based company with offices in Torrance, CA, and Sterling, IL. Carbide 3D manufactures the Nomad Pro CNC machine, named MAKE Magazine’s Best Desktop CNC, and the Shapeoko CNC, the fastest selling CNC machine in the world when it launched in 2013.


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