News | November 12, 2019

CF Extrusion Technologies Now Offers Wire EDM Capabilities From Certified Wire EDM Operators

Cuyahoga Falls, OH /PRNewswire/ - CF Extrusion Technologies has announced that it now offers Wire EDM capabilities from certified Wire EDM operators. The company's Wire EDM expertise includes the design and production of dies, gear-cutting tools, and molds for all brands of extrusion equipment.

CF Extrusion's in-house MU4800 Mitsubishi Wire EDM unit is built for accuracy and performance and has machine travels of 31.5" x 23.6" x 20.1" (XY axis LSM-drive.) The MU4800 is ideal for micromachining applications (.0008" ~.001") and can hold up to 6,800 pounds.

"Investing in a Mitsubishi wire EDM unit has enabled us to optimize efficiencies of production and quality control which benefits both our development team and our customers," said CF Extrusion Technologies President and Owner Terrance Hendershot. "Having the wire EDM in-house has also decreased the production time to manufacture components from several weeks down to several days in some cases."

Terrance Hendershot and Sales Engineer Chance Hendershot are both trained and certified as Mitsubishi Wire EDM operators.

Wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) is an electro-thermal manufacturing process that uses an electrically charged thin metal wire and deionized water to mill or cut conductive materials. An electrical discharge produces heat and sparks which cut the metal and prevents oxidization. The process is ideal for precise machining of complex parts from hard metals that would be difficult to produce using traditional techniques.

About CF Extrusion Technologies:
CF Extrusion Technologies designs, engineers, and manufactures custom extrusion technology solutions, components and replacement parts for the catalyst, carbon filtration, ceramics, mastics, food and plastics industries. In addition, the company provides technical support and consulting services for all aspects of extrusion engineering including, the implementation of manufacturing processes. From individual components to complete production lines, CF Extrusion Technologies delivers solutions for the sustained success of its customers.

Source: CF Extrusion Technologies

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