Company Profile | January 1, 1996


Source: Charmilles Technologies Corp.
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Roboform 2400 QCR (Windows 56K, Windows Broadband)

Charmilles Technologies, based in Geneva, Switzerland with ten subsidiaries in America, Europe and Asia, is committed not only to product innovation but to bringing you affordable EDMs. Our full line of versatile and dependable Roboform die sinker and Robofil wire EDMs, produced in facilities that meet ISO 9000 quality standards, gives you breakthrough technology and high performance to guarantee your success.

The Roboform 20A with the ISOPULSE generator guarantees high performance, consistent surface finishes and low electrode wear. The high precision manual Form 20 die sinker is ideal for all EDM applications yet is available at entry level pricing. Self-contained in a single pallet, the Roboform 30/31 will fit into any workshop while the software, Program Expert, which automatically calculates all the programming operations, and Pilot Expert, which measures and analyzes each spark and prevents wire breakage, make it the ultimate choice for unattended operation. The Roboform 40/41 offers linear glass scales and rigid construction to ensure repeatable accuracy; while its optional drop tank, C-axis and tool changer increase automation and profitability. The Roboform 1000 Series provides state-of-the-art design that includes fiber optic data transmission, a rigid High-Inertia C-axis drive, and 14 automatic machining functions which simplify programming complex jobs.

With the largest tapering capabilities in the world and the software, Profil Expert, which reduces wire-slack in roughing and finishing, and Pilot Expert, the Robofil 290/290F is an economical performer for any shop. The Robofil 330F is the first Charmilles WEDM to cut 30? taper on 16" workpieces while submerged and its larger filtration capacity and 44lb. wire spool allow for longer runs. The Robofil 300/500 Series can hold 4400lb. workpieces and has the largest programmable "Z" stroke in its price class. The Robofil 1020SI Series offers high accuracy, high cutting speed, and up to 200 hours of unattended machining time.

Manufacturing Headquarters Charmilles Technologies, S.A.
P.O. Box 373, 8-10
rue du Pre-de-la-Fontain
Ch-1217 Meyrin 1, Geneva Switzerland
VOICE: 022/783 31 11
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