Company Profile | August 8, 2000

CMM Services,® Inc.

Source: CMM Services Inc
CMM Services,® Inc. Since our inception in 1983, CMM Services,® Inc. has been helping manufacturers save operating cost by providing affordable on-site service. Coordinate measuring machines must operate within the accuracy and efficiency that is required by your inspection needs. A machine that is operating within your requirments pays for itself many times over.

Proper servicing of coordinate measuring machines requires the technical knowledge which the service engineers of CMM Services,® Inc. can provide, being experts with many years in the field. CMM Services,® Inc. has serviced every major brand of coordinate measuring machines, both hard bearing and air bearing. Styles worked on include bridge, cantilevered, and gantry machines, as well as layout machines and four-axis horizontal arm machines.

CMM Services,® Inc. offers the type of service that you require. We offer certification/calibration and preventive maintenance programs, upgrade packages, and repairs for down machines. We also offer inspections and laser certifications in testing both new and old equipment. In all cases each piece of equipment user for a qualitive analysis is calibrated to NIST standards at least once a year, following both ISO 9000 (ISO 10012-1) and MIL-STD-45662A (ANSI Z540.1) guidelines.

Regularly scheduled laser certifications can give early warning of inspection equipment malfunction(s) by allowing us to compare past machine history with current readings, for both linear accuracy and machine goemetry. This crucial detection can reduce the cost of unplanned downtime by allowing adjustments to be made before the machine gets outside of your inspection requirments.