News | October 17, 2017

Compact Simultaneous 5-Axis Machining Center With Auto Work Changer ‘VARIAXIS i-300 AWC'

Recently the demand for automation systems for small, complex workpieces, such as those found in the medical equipment and aerospace industries, for the production of a wide variety of parts in small lot sizes is increasing. Yamazaki Mazak has developed the VARIAXIS i-300 AWC in response to this increasing demand based on MAZAK FMS production expertise accumulated over many years.

The VARIAXIS i-300 AWC is a simultaneous 5-axis machining center integrated with highly advanced automation: the newly developed multiple work stocker “Auto Work Changer (AWC)” and expandable tool magazine “Multiple drum tool magazine”. The AWC can change a workpiece mounted on a work holder stored in the stocker up to maximum 65 kg(including work holder weight). The multiple work stocker has a large storage capacity (standard 32 pcs, option 40 pcs) in a very compact space.

Similarly, the Multiple drum tool magazine has floor space requirements smaller than comparable magazines with the same tool storage capacity. Additionally, the capacity of the tool magazine can be expanded after the initial machine installation in response to increased production requirements. These automation systems are managed by the “Smooth AWC” software which is incorporated in the machine MAZATROL SmoothX CNC to conveniently support continuous unmanned. In addition to the standard 12,000 rpm main spindle, three other spindle specifications are available to meet the production requirements of a wide variety of workpiece materials.

Domestic and overseas sales of this new machine started during its exhibition at the European International Machine Tool Exhibition (EMO Hannover 2017) held in Hannover, Germany from September 18th to the 23rd.

SOURCE: Yamazaki Mazak