Application Note

Coolant Filtration For Automotive Engine Manufacturing

Source: 3M Purification Inc.

The manufacturing of powertrain components including engines and transmissions uses liquid coolants in many of its machining operations to reduce generated heat and move manufacturing debris from the machined area. Contaminants introduced into the coolant include metal particles, small amounts of abrasive grit, and traces of tramp oil, lint, and dust.

The reduction of contaminants is critical to keeping coolant streams clean and functioning optimally. Fine particle reduction is especially important in finishing and polishing areas and in through-tool coolant processes. The benefits of clean coolant include increased coolant life, extended tool service life, and improved finished part quality.

This customer application brief describes coolant use in automotive engine component manufacturing, identifies the benefits of improved coolant filtration, and provides guidelines for selection of the appropriate 3M Purification Inc. filter. Case study examples are presented as illustrations of cost savings that have been achieved.