Company Profile | January 1, 1996

Creative Technology Corporation

Source: Creative Technology Corporation
Creative Technology Corporation Founded in 1980 by Todd Schuett, Creative Technology first promoted the Sharnoa CNC and its unique abilities to be programmed "parametrically" for complex contours before CAD/CAM should be effectively or economically implemented. Creative's development of new methods for training mold, die, and pattern makers in how to use control capabilities was pivotal to profitability for early entrants to the market of CNC for 3-D.

Creative Technology uses the term "Look Ahead" to describe the way their cnc controls handle high-feed milling of irregular shapes. In a way, Creative Technology controls "look far enough ahead" to adjust feed rates for required dramatic tool path redirection. While other controls cause machines to break tools or produce out of tolerance parts, Creative Technology controls handle the most difficult twists and turns at the highest speeds.

Creative's 1988 introduction of the Lemoine system for digitizing and subsequent development of online cutterpathing and "Real Time Machining" furthered the industry's agility with the evolving CNC technology. Their Creative Evolution CNC control for milling is today promoted as "Simply the Best" in CNC milling controls, the culmination of 17 years' experience as specialists in the industry. The Creative staff's diverse backgrounds in the mold industry, computers and electronics result in a synergy which adds value far beyond their product's face value.

The Creative Evolution CNC is now offered for retrofit on existing milling machines as well as in special packages for new machines such as Haas, Fadal, Rambaudo and FPT milling machines and machining centers.