News | July 14, 2021

CT Performance Unveils CNC Machine At New Facility In Stockbridge, Michigan

CT Performance has acquired a new CNC machine that will enable them to provide a variety of new services to their clients

Stockbridge, MI (PRWEB) - CT Performance is excited to announce that they will be installing a brand-new CNC machine with the launch of their new facility. The CNC machine—or computer numerical control machine—is an essential acquisition for CT Performance because it will allow the design team to perform in-house machining.

“Our new CNC machine is one of the most exciting aspects of the transition to the new facility,” said Chris Wells, CT Performance Co-Owner. “The ability to machine parts in our own shop allows us to offer a wider range of upgrades to our clients. It will also let us perform aftermarket additions in less time because we can do the work ourselves.”

In addition to a quicker turnaround for work orders, CT Performance will be able to perform new upgrades such as head porting. Head porting is a crucial design upgrade for high-performance vehicles. By expanding the air-intake capabilities of a vehicle's engine, an LS head modification can add extra horsepower and boost overall performance. The new CNC machine will allow the CT team to implement these upgrades with remarkable precision.

“CT Performance specializes in aftermarket upgrades for GM vehicles. Because of this, we’re able to offer head porting upgrades for a variety of LS heads, including cathedral-, square-, and rectangle-shaped heads.”

With the CNC machine, the crew at CT can combine their knowledge of LS heads and GM vehicles with the design capabilities of the CNC. “In order to get the best result from a head porting upgrade, the head has to be expanded in such a way as to maximize airflow,” said Wells. “The design team at CT Performance has the experience to perform these precise upgrades, and now, we’ll be able to offer this service to our amazing customers.”

About CT Performance:
CT Performance is an innovative leader in aftermarket upgrades. Based out of Stockbridge, Michigan, their team of professionals has the experience it takes to build record-setting, high-performance vehicles. With a passion for all things GM, the crew at CT Performance has produced a number of cars that have gone on to set performance records at nationally recognized events. With an ever-expanding array of services, CT Performance has continued to expand its operations since 2016. The crew at CT is committed to helping clients realize their design goals and providing the highest quality service. Learn more at

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