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DN Solutions, Global Machine Tool Company, Enhances Product Sales And Technical Support Across Southeast Asia With New Subsidiary In Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City /PRNewswire/ - DN Solutions, a global leader in CNC machine tools manufacturing, announced the establishment of its Vietnam subsidiary (DN Solutions Vina) aimed at bolstering product sales and enhancing technical support across the Southeast Asia region.

DN Solutions held the DN Solutions Southeast Asia Opening Ceremony on February 29th in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, attended by DN Solutions President and CEO Wonjong Kim, employees from the Korean headquarters and the Vietnam subsidiary, and key customers and partners in Southeast Asia.

DN Solutions, the world's third-largest machine tool company, offers an extensive lineup of approximately 500 types of turning centers, machining centers, and specialized equipment. DN Solutions provides a wide range of products tailored to diverse industries including automotive, aviation, medical, energy, semiconductor/IT, and construction. With production plants in South Korea and China, and local subsidiaries in Vietnam, the United States, China, Germany, and India, the company ensures global accessibility. Additionally, DN Solutions maintains a vast sales network of 155 partners across 66 countries, providing unparalleled support to its worldwide customers.

DN Solutions is steadfast in its commitment to solidifying its status as a premier machine tool manufacturer in Southeast Asia, with Vietnam serving as its strategic cornerstone. Situated in Ho Chi Minh City, at the heart of Southeast Asia, the company's new subsidiary aims to further enhance its foothold and reputation in Southeast Asia by amplifying product sales and fortifying technical support in key markets such as Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.

DN Solutions will build up a diversified sales network through robust collaboration with local partners, while simultaneously expanding the market reach of its premium offerings and automation/turnkey solutions. This strategic approach aligns with the growing demand in the Southeast Asian market for high-productivity and high-precision products. In addition, DN Solutions will elevate customer satisfaction and trust by bolstering its 'close-to-the-customer' support services. This comprehensive support framework encompasses equipment inquiries, installation, and after-sales assistance, all tailored to meet the specific technical and commercial requirements of customers.

To achieve this objective, DN Solutions will actively recruit talent from the Southeast Asian region, empowering them to become proficient machine tool experts.

President and CEO Wonjong Kim remarked, "Southeast Asia is a rapidly advancing region with immense potential. DN Solutions has earned global recognition for its cutting-edge technology, diverse product portfolio, and competitive pricing. Through the establishment of our subsidiary in Vietnam, we are poised to actively address the needs of our Southeast Asian customers with proximity and service excellence, surpassing their expectations. This proactive approach not only drives innovation in the market but also reinforces our standing as a prominent global machine tool company."

Source: DN Solutions

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