News | January 20, 2017

Elysium Partners With Transvalor To Provide Transvalor Users With Elysium's Multi CAD Access And Geometry Healing For Optimized CAE Analysis

Elysium, a global leading interoperability solution provider, announces a new partnership with Transvalor, the leading software editor of material forming numerical simulation.

After decades of evolution in manufacturing, today, 3D data are being used throughout the product life cycle stages, and interoperability between multiple applications/systems is a key factor to ensure smooth and effective 3D data utilization. Hence, there has been an ongoing challenge in manufacturing industry to prevent problems caused by poor data quality and/or geometrical complexity of 3D CAD data, e.g., errors in importing design data into simulation tools, translation errors such as design intent loss and broken geometry, and failures or poor results in mesh generation.

Transvalor is a renowned provider of an extensive suite of high performance simulation software addressing a wide range and variety of forming processes for metallic solid and liquid materials as well as for polymers. In the collaboration with CADdoctor, an industry-proven application for 3D data translation and optimization, this new partnership aims to 1) solve problems mentioned above which users of Transvalor solutions including FORGE, COLDFORM, THERCAST, and REM3D are facing, and 2) allow instant reuse of design CAD data. These can be accomplished by capability to translate CAD data from designing to Transvalor format while repairing geometry errors, and simplify the geometry for accurate and efficient CAE simulations.

“Transvalor has always been driven by innovation and we were looking for a highly-reputed partner to progress on CAD interoperability. With Elysium’s CADdoctor, we found exactly what we were seeking for: a robust and reliable solution that enables multi-CAD data exchange with astonishing automatic healing capabilities,” states Emmanuel Chenot, Managing Director of Transvalor. “Our customers expect seamless solutions when importing geometries of casting molds or forging dies from their CAD environment to our CAE software. Eliminating the tedious mesh repairing operations together with having access to native support for the most popular CAD file formats is a huge benefit. This contribution to get high-quality geometries is essential to ensure the quickest and the most accurate simulation results.”

“Elysium could not be more pleased to partner with Transvalor. As an interoperability solution provider, Elysium sees it as its mission to guarantee end user freedom to utilize the best-in-class 3D CAD/CAM/CAE tools for their needs, and simulation is one of the areas where Elysium has been focusing in recent years. This will expand the CADdoctor market to those that need to reuse 3D CAD data in casting, forging, forming, and injection molding simulations,” states Kentaro Fukuta, General Manager of Global Business team at Elysium. “The combination of Elysium’s CADdoctor and Transvalor’s world leading numerical simulation solutions will strongly support Transvalor customers to experience the next level of success—create a simple model for CAE simulation semi-automatically from the design CAD model, gain an accurate result in simulation, and even shorten the overall time.”

SOURCE: Elysium