Exhibiting-On machine, in process and final part inspection technologies "Live", while meeting today's most stringent manufacturing ISO Quality requirements. Calibrating, machining and probing up to ISO requirements, is on display during WESTEC 2002

Source: Shadow Automation, Inc.
Shadow Automation, Inc.lls, CA – March 1, 2002 – <%=company%> will exhibit, their now seasoned, PC based "Lean" manufacturing/quality solution, for industry which dramatically enhances part set-up, in process, on machine, final part inspection technology, that your vendor's Quality Assurance department will accept!

"Live" demonstrations will be held in the West Hall, Booth #186, in the Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA., on March 18-21, 2002. The company's Metrolosys™ product, Inspection Software for Machine Tool probing, has launched a suite of Quality software products and related technology to date. On Machine part inspection, coupled with advanced ISO/IEC 17025-calibration technology, driving every probe enabled control on the market today, provides immediate acceptance in aerospace, automotive, molding, and every other CNC manufacturing inspection application. Lean-coordinators relish up to a 75% increase in production and related savings, while being rewarded (or recognized) for their efforts.

3D Volumetric Error Mapping has always been a minimum calibration requirement for CMM's. However, the same was not available for machine tools, until now. This is probably the most important part of what measurement is all about and is now a completed mission of Shadow Automation, Inc.

Shadow Automation, Inc.'s On Machine Inspection Reporting software package, Metrolosys, accurately compares machined parts to related 3D CAD master models, or blue prints using data collected from an integrated touch probe on the Machine Tool. Yes, the same one that's been around for 15-20 years but with this new capability, looking much better out of the box. A recent study compiled from two-years of effort by an MR&D fellow at a major Aircraft company in St. Louis, MO., shows and proves dramatic oversight of lost time by manufacturers. His chosen title speaks for itself, "75% machine tool down time, due to Inspection." Curiosity, one (1) stopwatch, and one (1) clipboard has uncovered the overwhelming, results of time lost in manufacturing, due to current part inspection methods. This study is delivering monumental facts to management and is quite timely with lean manufacturing initiatives in full force!

Quality personnel write an inspection process just as they program their CMM today; only it's for a machine tool! Quality stays quality and CNC programmers keep cranking out part programs, while the machine tool operator has another program to run, after the part program. All can be networked to a standard DNC system; therefore very little change in current process or position is required. Other than the machine operator relaying the part fixture-offset locations, that Quality needs for a new inspection program, or Quality saying, "here comes the probing data", change is not apparent. However, change would be felt with a 75% increase in production. Lean made easy!

CMM programmers find themselves on familiar ground. Metrolosys is based on the DMIS programming language, and Metrolosys automates and simplifies DMIS programming to the point of understanding. DMIS code is created in the background of a quality user interface, simply by selecting ASME Y14.5 GD&T symbols related to the blue print measurement, or 3D master model and plugging in feature control information. Mobilizing a "New" Inspection machine that has been passed by in every shop, and having a mindset of using machines for inspection has come and gone. Shadow Automation, Inc. has not only brought back the idea, they made it happen supported by quality acceptance, unlike any other inspection system available today!

Additional products to be shown at WESTEC 2002 include:

Shadow Map

Calibration and/or error correction is available to reduce uncertainty for inspection. Shadow Map applies the same 3D error correction to the original part program to cut a better part! Do you really know how accurate your machine tool is? Extend the life of your machine tool with 3D volumetric error compensation, as CMM's have from day one.

Embedded CAD, becoming a requirement

Shadow Automation's, Metrolosys and Shadow Map include robust 3D CAD capability for creating 3D models from blueprints if required. CAD features include basic geometry creation, simple and complex surface modeling, solid modeling, the ability to modify entities in any View, 2D detailing, and the ability to analyze entities. Plus, industry-standard, bi-directional CAD links, including; IGES, SAT (ACIS® solids), DXF, CADL, ASCII text, and STL (StereoLithography). Other supported file formats are

Optional Direct CATIA, Unigraphics, Pro-E Interfaces on display and available

System Requirements

All Shadow Automation's software products are available for Microsoft Windows 2000, XP and NT. Minimum hardware requirements Pentium III or higher Intel-based personal computer with, 50MB available hardrive space, 128 MB RAM (minimum) recommended for optimal performance.

Pricing and Distribution

Metrolosys - retails for US $26,995, with multiple seat pricing.
Shadow Map – 3-Axis retails for US $8,500
5-Axis for $13,500, both with multiple seat pricing.

About Shadow Automation, Inc.

Our mission is to build on our business model, utilizing distribution by experts local to the end user, to provide widespread education and support for these technologies, and to continuously improve and enhance the capabilities of our products and services

We look forward to addressing you're on machine inspection application, to continue developing advanced on machine inspection software solutions, generated from our customers ideas and perspective.

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