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Available With Automated 3rd Axis & Power Draw Bar Options
Bridgeport Machines, Inc.ith Automated 3rd Axis & Power Draw Bar Options

A Series I world reknown standard Mill with a factory-fit 2-axis "CNC Control" that is Bridgeport Machines, Inc.ith a 3rd axis option. It comes standard with a one-piece column and base, integrally cast with added ribs, and a 2J head with patented airflow cooling system. The new power draw bar option eliminates the need to manually remove tools from the spindle, thereby increasing the productivity of the machine.

Machine Characteristics Provide Maximum Flexibility

Chrome ways, an automatic lubrication system, and precision ball screws are standard features on this automated Series I Mill. The EZTRAK has axis travels of 30 inches for the x-axis, 12 inches for the y-axis, and 5." inches for the z-axis with spindle speeds ranging from 60 - 4200 rpm. It has a positioning accuracy of +/-0.001 inches over the saddle with a repeatability of +/-0.0008 inches. Power feeds are infinitely variable for maximum metal-cutting flexibility. Rapid traverse rates up to 100 ipm and powerful DC servo motors let you make cuts consistent with 3 HP machining. The NFPA 79 electrics, an important safety feature, are standard on all Bridgeport EZTRAK.

Full 3-Axis Automation

The 3rd axis option has the following features:

Full automatic control of the quill for R-8, Erickson Q/C, or Universal 200 spindles.
Full contouring capability for both EZTRAK and EZTRAK II machines.
Maintains full manual control of the quill.
The 3rd axis housing contains and integral Acu-Rite micro glass scale for both manual and automatic operation.
Quill assembly is driven by a 19in/lb SEM motor, 1:1 pulley and narrow cog-tyoe tooth drive belt.
All this means that you have full contouring capability on the new EZTRAK machine with the 3rd axis option, and full manual control of the quill is maintained. The 3rd axis drive, which locks onto the spindle, can be overridden so the 3rd axis can be positioned either manually or automatically at the user's discretion. Customers with 2-axis EZTRAK's won't have to re-calculate their 2-axis programs because the Z-axis information has already been stored by the control.

With EZTRAK there's no computer or G-code programming lingo to learn. As dimensions for each x-, y- and z-axis are input, the new, easy-to-read screen displays and executes them. EZTRAK's canned milling and drilling cycles speed operation and the graphic preview function allows the operator to easily verify the machining program before running the part. EZTRAK can even memorize your machining moves as you make them, letting you machine the first part by hand then running the remaining parts automatically. Tool radius compensation can be calculated automatically and saved so regound milling cutters can be used. The Control also provides automatic two-dimensional contouring capabilities without the need for attachments such as a rotary table. These features reduce set-up time, eliminate scrap and improve accuracy on finished parts.

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