FARO's CAM2 Process Control Software Scores Successes with European Automakers

Source: FARO Technologies Inc.
FARO Technologies Inc.y, Fla. – February 28, 2002 – <%=company%> software for the management of quality control in the assembly of automobiles is gaining rapid acceptance by the automobile industry. In January 2002 DaimlerChrysler AG of Stuttgart, Germany, completed the purchase of its 14th CAM2 SPC Process software license for use in its plants in Europe, South Africa and the United States. Since 1997, DaimlerChrysler has used CAM2 SPC Process for quality checks in the initial and final stages of manufacturing of its product line.

BMW AG of Munich, Germany, has contracted with FARO Europe to use CAM2 SPC Process for assembly of its 7-Series cars at its Dingolfing plant in Q2 2002 and intends to do the same for the next new model of the 5-Series vehicles later in the year. These new contracts add to a growing list of European automakers that are using this software. For example: Porsche AG in Stuttgart, Germany currently uses the SPC Process software for its entire line of sports cars at its plant in Zuffenhausen. A large supplier to the automobile industry, Allgaier Werke GmbH, near Stuttgart, is using two licenses in its stamping plant.

Thomas Rexer, director of development for FARO's SPC Process, explains, "In 1997, we began development of CAM2 SPC in close cooperation with the process development department at DaimlerChrysler for the production of the S-Class vehicles. We have worked closely with our customers to develop and refine this product. SPC Process is ideal for processes where large numbers of parts are involved and very large amounts of data are generated that can be useful throughout an assembly plant."

CAM2 SPC Process software is a client-server application for the statistical evaluation and quality control of mass-produced products. Measurement data may come from inline measurement systems, Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs), gap-measuring systems and all of FARO's CAM2 portable measurement products. The system is sufficiently flexible to provide quality control data documentation to meet the requirements of a variety of different manufacturing applications. Untrained operators can use the web browser-like display to automatically prepare data for their specific subjects. Displays include CAD images, charts and many unique graphics tools to present measured data in an expressive and understandable way. CAM2 SPC Process collects data for each and every measurement and stores this in a central, scaleable database server for data security and rapid access throughout the manufacturer's facility.

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