News | February 13, 2020

FAT Haco Announce New Enhancements

FAT, part of the Haco Group, is well established in its' production of CNC lathes and special purpose machine tools. They offer a range of CNC lathes including conventional, servo-controlled and full CNC. The lathes are available in slant-bed and flat-bed construction, as two/three/four shear bed types and as exceptionally heavy duty and specialised models.

With continuous development for manufacturing high quality lathes FAT Haco are always developing new methods and plans to enhance their product range every year. Last year, they released the FCTS 900 which is based on a slant bed design incorporating a double angle structure 60º on the bed and 70º on the column. This design ensures optimum swarf removal, easy setting and operation, together with the best distribution of cutting forces. Constructed from high quality and high-tech components which offers U.K. manufacturers the highest level of machining with pure accuracy.

This year FAT Haco have announced they have made some enhancements to their machine tool range offering new colours on the external guarding. Please see the TUR 800SMN lathe in the new colours.

The impressive SMN range can be equipped with a simplified control panel consisting of push buttons and a joystick, similar to those fitted on SC range of servo-controlled lathes, also enabling these TUR MN lathes can be operated in a simple conventional way.

Furthermore, the TUR 560, 630 and 710 will also be transferred from the MN to the SMN range, adding more features for manufacturers. Benefits of these machines come with many options now offered as standard, providing the opportunity to invest in more machinery for the production of highly precise complex components.

For more information on the FAT Haco lathe range visit our Products page or stay updated on Linkedin.

Source: Leader CNC Technologies Limited