News | January 15, 2021

FFG DMC DL24TTGB Twin-Spindle Twin-Turret Turning Centre

The FGG DMC DL24TTGB is a twin-spindle, twin-turret turning centre designed for high productivity. With a mirror image design of the headstocks and turrets, plus the added advantage of automatic gantry workpiece transfer from one spindle to the other, this machine enables continuous and simultaneous machining for completion of first and second operations within a single machine.

Where limited floor space is a factor, the integration of two 2-axis turret lathes into a single machine tool gives you the flexibility of having two turning centres, but in approximately 30 percent less floor area. The FGG DMC DL24TTGB is automation ready and can easily be paired with secondary loading systems loaders to enhance productivity and provide 24/7 capability. Higher productivity, reduction in cost per part and improved quality can all be positively affected by adding a turning centre with an additional spindle to your shop floor.

Dual-spindle machines increase productivity by reducing part handling by automatically transferring parts from one chuck to another for secondary operations. To further enhance productivity, these machines can be combined with robotic part feeding and extraction, or with bar feeders for long, unattended part runs.

Costs per part can be reduced because the part no longer sits idle, waiting for a secondary operation to be performed. The secondary spindle can be programmed to retrieve the part and remove it from the main chuck, whilst still allowing the secondary machining operation on the dual spindle to continue. Operations that are usually done on two or three machines can usually be done on one, reducing the time it takes for a part to be machined completely. Part quality and consistency also are improved by decreasing the number of times a part is handled.

For businesses that have a goal of running an unattended operation, by using the onboard tool life-monitoring system, bar feeders and gantry loading/unloading options, a true lights-out machine is at your disposal.

Machine characteristics;

  • Symmetrical two spindle/two turret machine design
  • Machine designed where high production requirements are needed
  • Automatic workpiece transfer using an inbuilt gantry loading system
  • Customised grippers to suit component requirements
  • 8kg part load capacity, with 10 seconds part-to-part transfer
  • Easy integration of gantry loader/unloader, or barfeeder with unloader, for unmanned operation
  • Equipped with the latest hardware and software for unprecedented speed and precision
  • High rigidity main spindle structure with 18.5/15kw motor, producing 400N.m of torque
  • 3500rpm spindle speed
  • Spindles mounted on separate beds to minimise vibration transfer
  • Up to 24M/min rapids on box guideways for heavy duty machining
  • 190mm X-Axis and 200mm Z-Axis travels.
  • 2 off 10” hydraulic 3-jaw chucks (other chuck options available)
  • Maximum turning diameter Ø250mm
  • Maximum turning length 190mm
  • Ø86mm spindle bore which can manage bars diameter of up to Ø75mm
  • 10 position dual station bi-directional turrets with 0.2seconds indexing time

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Source: Leader CNC Technologies Limited