Application Note

Filtration For Parts Washers

Source: 3M Purification Inc.

Parts, when manufactured and before assembly into finished products, often require cleaning to reduce manufacturing debris to meet product quality specifications. This results in the ability to use these components in equipment with increasingly tighter manufacturing tolerances. In the past, solvent systems were quite common, but the EPA has instituted guidelines restricting solvent usage in the parts cleaning marketplaces. The search for alternatives to solvent cleaning technologies resulted in new solutions for high technology critical cleaning applications. Today, parts cleaning applications continue to increase, with most of the applications being water-based detergent processes.

Manufacturers in all industries want to know how the cleaning process can be improved… made faster, more effective, and less expensive. To achieve the required improvements and effectively increase both efficiencies and yields, parts washing systems must:

  • Maintain clean wash and rinse tank fluids through appropriate filtration,
  • Provide the degree of cleanliness required to reduce scrap or cleaning rework, while decreasing system maintenance.