News | November 11, 2021

Fives Has Been Selected To Provide Unique Solutions To Support The Growth Of The Semiconductor Industry

Thanks to their unique skills, Fives Landis Ltd. secured another order to provide a Cranfield Precision OGM1600 (off-axis grinding machine) to a major mirror manufacturer in the semiconductor industry. This “Ultra Precision” machine, with very accurate motions and reduced footprint, has been recognized as a world class grinding technology to produce mirrors with highly complex surface profiles with no axes of symmetry.

The Cranfield Precision OGM1600 is the only machine in production being used to manufacture the next generation of mirrors used in the semiconductor industry. Within 5 years, most of the semiconductors in the world being used in high end phones, computers etc. will be manufactured using light guided by mirrors that were ground on the Cranfield Precision OGM1600 machine. The Fives Landis Ltd. team is proud to support the booming semiconductor market with its industry leading technology.

Source: Fives Landis Ltd.