FR-F500(L) - Variable Frequency Drives

Source: Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.
VFDs in air moving and pump applications are more energy efficient when running at less than 100% of rated speed. The energy savings resulting from VFD usage typically pays for itself in less than 2 years.
The FR-F500(L) is ready to operate immediately after installation. The parameter settings default to operate most typical systems. In order to customize settings and enable higher functionality, a control panel is standard. When installing multiple F500's of the same size, the parameters can be copied, allowing for quicker start-up. RS 485 serial communication is standard and additional network communications options are available. Three option board slots allow for expansion of I/O and it is sink/source selectable.

The optimum excitation-current control program modifies the basic variable-voltage control mode. This function monitors the motor current and modulates the output voltage boosting the induction motor efficiency in the low-torque region typical of fan and pump motor applications.

In addition, second-order deceleration torque patterns brings the output voltage below the level of fixed-torque patterns. This conserves energy by matching the motor output with the second-order deceleration loads typical of fans. Intelligent energy saving control is possible due to the microprocessor-based current monitor loop which tracks motor energy and minimizes the inverter output voltage. This function is suited to constant-speed operation and augments the benefits of second-order deceleration patterns.

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