News | March 1, 2002

GibbsCAM Plays Key Role In Demonstrating STEP-NC Technology

Source: Gibbs & Associates
GibbsCAM Plays Key Role In Demonstrating STEP-NC Technology
MOORPARK, CA – Gibbs and Associates, developer of GibbsCAM, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software for programming computer numerically controlled (CNC) machinery and controls, announced that GibbsCAM continues to play a key role in facilitating the development and demonstration of STEP-NC technology. At the last Industry Review Board meeting for the Model Driven Intelligent Control of Manufacturing project (MDICM) held February 20th and 21st in Troy, NY, a demonstration, using technology based on an extension to GibbsCAM that was developed by STEP Tools (Troy, NY), showed the potential of STEP-NC. The demonstration was done as part of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Advanced Technology Project (ATP) MDICM project contract awarded to STEP Tools to develop and deploy a digital input standard for CNC machines. This in the final year of that ATP contract, so demonstrations of STEP-NC technology such as this one are vital to illustrate STEP-NC's viability, raise general awareness of STEP-NC and move STEP-NC from science fiction to within the horizon of realization.

"Gibbs and Associates is very pleased to contribute to advancing the state of manufacturing technology," stated Bill Gibbs, founder/president of Gibbs and Associates. "Not only do we see STEP-NC addressing today's data exchange shortcomings, but in a highly fragmented CAM market, we see STEP-NC protecting customers' manufacturing assets."

The finished part as it would result after running the AP238-derived machining process.

The STEP-NC demonstration, which was held at Experimental Machine Tool & Plating Company (Troy, NY), demonstrated how a STEP-NC file (AP238) could be used in a conventional machine shop today. An AP238 format file was read into GibbsCAM using STEP Tools' ST-Machine plug-in, which converted the STEP-NC information into GibbsCAM's data structures and then used GibbsCAM to generate the necessary toolpath and output machine-specific CNC code. The part was then machined in aluminum. ST-Machine also made use of GibbsCAM's Cut Part Rendering functionality to validate the machining process and GibbsCAM's Reporter functionality to generate corresponding process documentation.

STEP Tools also announced at this IRB meeting the availability of their ST-NC product set, which will allow manufacturers to begin investigating the benefits of STEP-NC for their own enterprises. The ST-Machine plug-in for GibbsCAM is one of the ST-NC components being offered by STEP Tools.

About STEP Tools, Inc.
STEP Tools, Inc. is a leading international supplier of professional STEP software toolsets (based on ISO standards) for application software developers, design firms and manufacturing companies in diverse industries. The STEP Tools product line is used by the world's foremost firms to leverage STEP and STEP-NC technology to facilitate the sharing of engineering product information. For more information, contact STEP Tools, Inc. by calling (518) 687-2848, email: or visit

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