News | June 20, 2017

Greenleaf Develops Exciting New Ceramic Insert Line

When Greenleaf named its latest line of cutting tools for the milling of high temperature alloys and also the turning of high temperature alloys in the scale condition, the performance level warranted the name, XSYTIN-1.

Certainly one to excite customers, the new XSYTIN-1 has been engineered to machine at extremely high feed rates with tool life and feed rates that are at least double that of competitor products.The unique properties of XSYTIN-1 will establish new benchmarks in the performance level of ceramic applications.

The structure of this new ceramic insert line exhibits outstanding strength with excellent wear and thermal shock resistance, which makes XSYTIN-1™ a very predictable, high performance product.The new range not only provides stability and performance, it is also capable of higher speeds and feed rates than competitive ceramic grades. Ideal for use in interrupted cutting applications, the removal of scale and also milling, the XSYTIN-1 is now available in a wide variety of ANSI/ISO geometries with a complete line of corresponding tool holders available from Greenleaf.

SOURCE: Greenleaf Europe BV