News | June 13, 2002

Haas Machine Tools Do High Speed Machining at Demo Day Using GibbsCAM

Source: Gibbs & Associates
MOORPARK, CA – June 12, 2002 – Gibbs and Associates, developer of GibbsCAM, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software for programming computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine tools, announced today that Haas Automation, Inc. will use GibbsCAM at the upcoming second annual Demo Day to be held June 19th at Haas Factory Outlets throughout the United States and Canada. GibbsCAM created the CNC program to machine an aerospace spar out of 6061 aluminum demonstrating the high-speed machining capabilities of the Haas VF-2. During the Demo Day 2 event, the spar will be cut using a Haas VF-2 with 15,000-rpm spindle, 1200-ipm rapids and high-speed machining software with full look-ahead.

"We're extremely pleased that Haas chose to use GibbsCAM during Demo Day 2," states Bill Gibbs, Gibbs and Associates company founder and president. "After all, Haas chose GibbsCAM for the day-to-day production of their machine tools. GibbsCAM is also used daily by Haas application engineers to create CNC programs demonstrating Haas machine tools' capabilities."

The one-day Demo Day 2 event will showcase various aspects of high-speed machining across a variety of industrial applications. In addition to the machining demonstrations, educational seminars detailing the benefits of high-speed machining, and the key enabling elements, such as suitable tooling and inserts, balanced tools, appropriate speeds and feeds, and optimized part programs, which are combined to realize high-speed machining's advantages. Haas applications engineers will also be on hand to share their insights and answer questions.

For more information about Haas Automation's Demo Day 2, visit the company's web site at, or call 800-331-6746, or contact your local Haas Factory Outlet.

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Source: Gibbs and Associates