News | September 4, 2008

Hands Off! At The Surfware Booth At IMTS

Source: Surfware Inc.

Surfware, Inc., recently announced that CAMcad Technologies, Inc. (CAMcad), one of Surfware's Value Added Resellers that focuses on automating difficult manufacturing processes, will demonstrate their automated, web-enabled, distributed Manufacturing Expert System featuring SURFCAM Velocity Powered by TrueMill at the IMTS (International Manufacturing Technology Show, Chicago, September 8 – 13).

During the IMTS show, CAMcad's Manufacturing Expert System will simulate a fictitious company called Hands-Off Manufacturing Enterprises (HOME). HOME represents the type of company that can expand or contract to meet market demands. It has multiple satellite kiosks for order entry, a global manufacturing capability with unlimited machining resources and totally automatic tool path generation, all communicating via Internet using a distributed database system.

Visitors to the HOME satellite kiosk can have their hand or other suitable object scanned by a high-speed 3D Digital laser scanner provided by Online Resources, Inc. They will enter ordering information, along with stock size, material type, and the CNC machine model used at their facility. MES will then automatically convert the laser scan into a machineable SURFCAM surface model, generate tool paths to cut the object, and convert these tool paths into the G-code for their CNC machine.

During the process, a job monitoring station will allow visitors to monitor job progress to determine where their job is in the queue. A separate tool path monitoring station will show SURFCAM running in unattended mode.

All visitors who have a hand scanned will walk away with a CD containing SURFCAM -generated G-code to cut their own "hand".

Since 1996, Florida-based CAMcad. has worked with clients to automate difficult manufacturing processes using the SURFCAM API (Application Programming Interface). Projects range from simple applications to automate tedious and repetitious tasks up to sophisticated, enterprise-wide, database-driven systems running in unattended mode.

One SURFCAM project allowed a client to reduce programming time from 8 hours (involving a skilled engineer) to 15 seconds (done by a semi-skilled operator) with better quality results. Another project, involving a very expensive product, reduced production time from 2 man-days to 15 minutes.

"We're very pleased that CAMcad Technologies will be part of our booth at IMTS," says Stephen Diehl, President and CEO of Surfware, Inc. "CAMcad Technologies is one of our resellers using SURFCAM Velocity Powered by TrueMill in a number of innovative ways that have led to tremendous cost savings and efficiency gains for customers."

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SOURCE: Surfware Inc.