Hinge Belt Chip Conveyors

Source: Turbo Systems, Inc.

Hinge Belt Chip Conveyors
Every TURBO Conveyor has these features
Superior Design:
- Designed to machine tool standard.
- Heavy Duty Construction.
- Formed Cleats.
- NEMA 12 electrical enclosures are standard...JIC available on request.
- Designed for trouble free maintenance.
- Designed to minimize wear...fro maximum life
- Offset side-wings prevent chips from hanging.

Superior Appearance:
- All external welds are ground
- The quality of the high-gloss painted surface matches typical machine tool standards.
- No plastic guards! All Turbo guards are steel to avoid the potential safety hazard and poor appearance that result from broken or missing plastic guards.

Superior Appearance:
- Consistently outruns other conveyors.
- A significant part of Turbo production is on military contract welding. The quality and accuracy of all welds are critical to the performance and long service of the conveyor.
- Designed to minimize running costs.
- Belts for every purpose...
- Standard, Heavy Duty and Super Heavy Duty

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