News | May 19, 2017

HK Technologies Ups The Ante With New EDM Line

The MP1200 and MP2400 wire erosion machines from Mitsubishi is now available from Rugby based HK Technologies. The top-of-the-line machines are now available from HK Technologies and MTDCNC went along to take a look.

Discussing the new technologies, Applications & EDM Manager at HK Technologies, Mr Scott Elsmere says: “In the past, the features in the MV Series and the fully loaded MV-R such as digital fine surface, core hole function and fine wire and much more are now included in the latest machine tool. The machines have cooling throughout the casting; the caged bearings are larger, stronger and individually sealed. This helps us to grab every last micron of precision out of the machine with temperature stability.”

The new machines also consist of tubular drive technology. This magnetic propulsion system provides enhanced precision for the production of fine press tools, blanking, watch-making and much more.

Moving to the larger MP2400, the new machine can be supported with a 4th & 5th axis configuration. “In this sector, we also have the U and V-axis, so instead of the traditional 4th and 5th axis, we refer to the additional axes as the 6th and 7th. This is a standard feature on Mitsubishi machines and all control units are ready for this technology. It allows the customer to specify the additional axis at purchase or at a later date, where it can be plugged straight into the machine. There is no factory purchase required at the time of order.”

“I’ve seen this unit produce electrodes and much more. But the aim is always to keep the wire vertical. So, if you can tip the part through the axes, you can maintain stability, surface finishes, off-sets and more.”

The new MP Series has a host of additional features and d benefits that make them stand apart from the competition. For further details, contact HK Technologies for a demonstration.

SOURCE: HK Technologies Ltd