HPC-XT Horizontals

Source: Cincinnati Machine, A UNOVA Company
Designed to boost shop productivity, the HPC-XT line of 4-axis horizontal machining centers delivers 527 ft-lbs (714 Nm) of torque
Cincinnati Machine, A UNOVA Company boost shop productivity, the HPC-XT line of 4-axis horizontal machining centers delivers 527 ft-lbs (714 Nm) of torque and four millionths axis positioning resolution for a high quality surface finish and dimensional accuracy. Built on PC-based open architecture, the CNC can be customized using third-party software and can be upgraded as needed. An optional Ethernet communications package allows direct networking with CAD/CAM and manufacturing planning systems, putting an end to stand-alone shop floor PCs.

Two standard performance packages are available:
1. The Dynamic 3D Accuracy Package features intelligent look-ahead to read and react better to upcoming axis changes, Velocitech servo control that ends axis overshoots and high-inertia sinusoidal digital drives for smooth axis control.
2. The Power-Plus package delivers 527 ft-lbs of torque, 3,000 lb (1,360 kg) payload capacity and 3 sec change of 66-lb tools for tough jobs that require extremely high strength and high thrust capability for a greater depth of cut, heavier metal removal and shorter machining cycles.

Specifications include:

  • new ballscrew technology and enhanced feedback deliver feedrates to 1,575 ipm (40 m/s) and ACC/DEC of 145 ips2 to reduce cycle time and maximize throughput
  • control of machine dynamics provides high part-making Cpk and tight standard positioning accuracy of ±0.00012 in. and standard repeatability of ±1 micron
  • geared 33.5 hp spindle, built-in pallet workchanger and automatic toolchanger
  • B-axis rotary table provides machine flexibility
  • high-torque 7,000 rpm No. 50 taper spindle is standard; high-torque 10,000 rpm spindle is optional
  • Other features include:

  • pallet-forward, all cast iron construction keeps the column/spindle carrier in place while the workpiece moves to and from the spindle during critical machining tasks
  • micron-level boring accuracies can end separate boring, to consolidate machining operations and boost productivity
  • chip and coolant system with dual spiral coils and 227-gal coolant tank keeps swarf under control
  • open area above the load/unload pallet offers access for overhead crane loading of large parts
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