Hybrid Polyimide Superabrasive Grinding Wheels

Saint-Gobain Abrasives introduces new Univel G-Force patented hybrid polyimide superabrasive grinding wheels.

Worcester, MA - Univel G-Force patented hybrid polyimide superabrasive grinding wheels from Saint-Gobain Abrasives claim to yield higher grinding productivity, consistent grinding performance throughout the life of the wheel and reduced residual stress after grinding, due to a grain-locking mechanism and a self-dressing wear-resistant bond. The Univel G-Force grinding will be featured at the Saint-Gobain booth, #B-7033, at IMTS 2006.

According to Saint-Gobain Abrasives, Univel G-Force superabrasive wheels have been field-proven to reduce total grinding by 30% or more over the current generation of high-performance diamond wheels by reducing cycle times and wheel dressing requirements.

Univel G-Force wheel profiles can be regenerated on the machine by using a 12,000 rpm MaxTORQ-BPR dressing system from the Wheel Dress division of Saint-Gobain Abrasives. The bond structure of Univel G-Force wheels is said to eliminate the need for stick dressing or dressing with a diamond roll after being profiled.

In a production application on 6mm diameter X 2-flute high-performance tungsten carbide drills, G-Force wheels were used to grind flutes @ .079-inch depth in one pass at 12 IPM on an 11 Hp grinder. According to Saint-Gobain Abrasives, parts per wheel doubled, cycle time was cut by one-third and cost per part reduced by 31 percent. In this application, no stick dressing was required and the wheel profile was regenerated on the machine with a MaxTORQ- BPR device. On a 3/4-inch diameter X 4-flute, 1.5-inch flute length, 30-degree end mill, G-Force wheels ground flutes to .135-inch depth in one pass at 6 IPM and 3000 SFPM (15 MPS). Parts per wheel were said to have increased 2.5 times, cycle time was cut by 30 percent and cost per part claimed to have been reduced by 32 percent.

All Univel G-Force wheel packs are made to order and are custom-engineered for specific applications, materials and machines.

SOURCE: Saint-Gobain Abrasives