Igus Introduces Crossbar To Extend Possibilities

Source: Igus, Inc.

East Providence, RI - Igus Inc. offers a unique U-shaped crossbar that can be installed on its rugged, high-strength System E4 cable carriers.

This special crossbar can accommodate conduits up to 11.8 inches in diameter, which are often required for vacuum hose applications such as chip and dust removal on woodworking machinery or fume extractor hoses on chemical processing equipment. It can be attached along either the inner or outer radius, while the inner radius is preferred for most applications. The crossbar is then connected to the side links directly or can be used in combination with two standard snap-open crossbars to provide management of additional cables and hoses.

Energy Chains guide and protect moving cables and hoses attached to automated machinery. Igus also develops Chainflex continuous-flex cables designed for use in an Energy Chain System. The company also offers ReadyChain harnessing services for customers desiring a complete, preassembled system with everything from cable carrier, to cables, connectors and all accessories ready for installation right out-of-the-box.

SOURCE: Igus, Inc.