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II-VI Incorporated Unveils The First Commercial Laser Cutting Head With Zoom Optics For Ring-Shaped Laser Beams

Pittsburgh, PA (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - II-VI Incorporated (Nasdaq:IIVI), a global leader in laser materials processing solutions, today unveiled its new BIMO-FSC-L, the first commercially available laser processing head with zoom optics optimized for state-of-the-art ring-shaped laser beams, which greatly enhance the quality of laser cutting.

The rapidly growing adoption of ring-shaped laser beams for applications such as cutting thick mild steel is driving the demand for versatile laser cutting heads with matched optics. II-VI’s new BIMO-FSC-L laser cutting heads, with their wide magnification range of 1.3 to 3.6 and large numerical aperture of 0.18, deliver the complete solution.

“The BIMO-FSC-L is a highly sophisticated cutting head in a very compact form factor that is unmatched in the market and sets a new standard for laser processing heads in terms of cutting performance, reliability, serviceability, and user-friendly operation,” said Dr. Robert Kuba, Managing Director, II-VI HIGHYAG. “The BIMO-FSC-L is ideally suited to a new generation of laser systems with ring-shaped laser beams, which are now experiencing high demand.”

The BIMO-FSC-L heads feature zoom optics capable of independently adjusting the focal diameter and focal length over extended ranges in just milliseconds. The integrated sensor system enables a superior level of embedded intelligence that achieves maximum materials processing precision and provides just-in-time service alerts. The BIMO-FSC-L is designed with an IP65-certified, field-proven, dust- and liquid-resistant enclosure, ensuring continuous operation even in the harshest industrial manufacturing environments.

The new advanced operation of the BIMO-FSC-L can be demonstrated at any of II-VI’s global applications labs, where custom processes can be developed to customer requirements. II-VI’s broad portfolio of state-of-the-art products for laser-based materials processingincludes laser processing heads, laser light cables, laser optics, and direct diode laser engines.

II-VI at Laser World of Photonics – Munich, June 24–27, 2019, Hall A2, Booth #117
II-VI will exhibit at Laser World of Photonics one of the broadest portfolios of merchant products for all laser technology platforms employed in high power or precision materials processing. From ultraviolet to the far-infrared, II-VI’s market-leading laser optics will be on display along with new products for fiber lasers and some of the most advanced laser heads and beam delivery solutions on the market. In the life sciences area, II-VI’s display will consist of spectroscopy optics, flow cells, and precision temperature-controlled modules to support advances such as those in DNA sequencing. II-VI will also show products from epitaxial wafers to semiconductor lasers that will enable exciting new features such as 3D sensing in the next generation of consumer electronics.

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