Company Profile | January 1, 1996

Kitamura Machinery Company Ltd.

Source: Kitamura Machinery Company Ltd.
Kitamura Machinery Company Ltd. Kitamura only makes machining centers. Since its establishment in 1933 Kitamura Machinery Co., Ltd. has chosen to specialize in only Machining Centers from among other machine tools. The Mycenter Series has been Kitamura's chief product line since 1981. While technological innovations have upgraded the various functions of the Mycenter line, its name and basic structure have never been changed. Since other company's machines often need to be replaced by newer models, or are sometimes discontinued completely, our Machining Centers have a greater value as a business asset. We are proud to have been able to offer our high quality Mycenter Series for over 17 years now.

As a manufacturer of a specific line of machinery, Kitamura has installed more Machining Centers of the same model name than anyone else since 1981. Indeed, during the last seventeen years over 12,000 Mycenters have been installed.

In short, Kitamura offers you "high-end" features at a reasonable price. Because we offer such a durable and stable product line, and choose not to use trading companies or importers, the savings are passed on to you! Consider Kitamura Machining Centers - high in quality, reliability and performance.

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Manufacturing Headquarters
Kitamura Machinery Company Ltd
Takaoka-City, TOYAMA JAPAN
VOICE: (0766) 63-1100
FAX: (0766) 63-1128