News | August 12, 2022

LasersOnly Introduces 3-In-1 Handheld Laser Cleaning, Welding, & Cutting Machines.

Leading distributor of laser cutting technology presents their latest innovations with a new line of products.

LasersOnly, one of the world's leading laser cutting innovators, has released its latest product line: a cutting-edge range of 3-in-1 handheld laser cleaning, welding, and cutting machines.

LasersOnly is a distributor of laser engraving, cutting, and marking machines for home and industrial use. Their latest collection of products, now available on their website, offers powerful performance and functionality, designed explicitly for rust removal and metal cleaning. There are three variations of the product based on power level: 1000W, 1500W, and 2000W.

"Our 3-in-1 line offers the most cost-effective solution for various applications across various industries. It is an essential tool for metal fabrication shops, auto repair services, powder coating, construction and restoration businesses, and many other industries. This system is designed for high quality, speed, and ease of use," stated a representative from LasersOnly.

LasersOnly's 3-in-1 machines are exceptionally efficient, delivering a range of functions for various needs, including metal cutting, welding, rust removal, and surface cleaning. It provides robust welding capabilities, presenting an alternative to TIG and MIG welding. Furthermore, the machinery offers easy usage, allowing even novice welders to use the equipment. Made for comfort, the body of the gun is designed ergonomically and compact to ensure optimized productivity.

"Operators can instantly switch between presets to accommodate many material thickness combinations and change operations quickly from welding to cleaning and vice versa," added LasersOnly's representative.

As a ground-breaking addition to the market of laser cutting machines, the 3-in-1 series presents a variety of features found on no other devices of similar design. Built for high speed, user-friendliness, versatility, and high productivity, each product in this collection offers the functionality of three machines in one to drive efficiency and more excellent quality while enabling workers to achieve their desired results.

The 3-in-1 machines feature built-in factory presets for cleaning and welding, allowing easy use immediately to drive productivity. They run on 220V power, easily connected with an automated wire feeder and gas tank. Switching between settings is quickly done by selecting the necessary function on the panel and attaching the appropriate nozzle. Using a constant wave laser source enables a higher-brightness beam for consistent results.

After much anticipation, LasersOnly's 3-in-1 handheld laser cleaning, welding, and cutting machines are now available for sale. These machines are a must-have for those seeking the most advanced laser technology. Besides delivering powerful high speeds, the highest quality, comfort, and immense functionality, their ergonomic, lightweight handheld laser guns have a performance like nothing else on the market.

LasersOnly is a distributor of laser engraving, cutting, and marking machines for home and industrial use, also known as an innovator in their niche market. Their customers in the construction, automotive, restoration, and metal fabrication industries trust LasersOnly machines to accomplish their complex tasks and high-demand work. LasersOnly is constantly seeking new ways to improve its equipment and bring new machinery to the market; the latest collection aims to optimize performance and functionality by combining several functions in a single device. For more information, visit

Source: LasersOnly