News | November 7, 2017

Low-Maintenance Power Lathe Chuck With Permanent Lubrication And Through-Hole

Constant clamping forces, minimal maintenance costs as well as high energy efficiency, and productivity are assured with the versatile SCHUNK ROTA NCA power lathe chuck. With its large dimensioned through-hole for automated bar loading and its convenient clamping range, the weight-reduced lathe chuck covers an extremely wide range of applications. The special geometry of the chuck body makes it easy to access tools, meaning that the ROTA NCA is especially suitable for use on modern turn/mill centers. In addition, the weight-reduced design ensures high energy efficiency as well as reduced acceleration, and deceleration times.

The special sealing increases process reliability

The special seal system located on the fine-serrated base jaws prevents grease from being flushed out and the clamping force from being lost gradually. Compared to conventional power lathe chucks, the lubrication intervals are extended by a factor of twenty. In addition, the seal prevents chips or dirt from penetrating the chuck body. To ensure maximum process reliability, all functional components are hardened and ground. The fine-serrated power lathe chuck (1.5 mm x 60° or 1/16"x 90°) is available in five sizes from 160 mm to 330 mm diameter with maximum clamping forces of 45 kN to 160 kN and through-holes of 32 mm to 104 mm for speeds from 3,500 rpm up to 5,500 rpm. The jaw stroke is a uniform 5.3 mm. The lathe chuck can be directly adjusted to the machines via an integrated interface.