News | August 19, 2008

MAG To Take Center Stage At IMTS 2008

HEBRON, Ky.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--MAG will demonstrate at IMTS – in a big way – its integrated capabilities for raising manufacturing productivity. The company will feature the largest booth of any company, 2500 square meters (booth A-8218) in the premier pavilion at the International Manufacturing Technology Show, Sept. 8-13 in Chicago. MAG will have the most new machines of any exhibitor – 15 designs receiving North American introduction. It will exhibit the largest machines to be seen at the show, the greatest focus on large part machining, and multiple approaches to one-stop processing between five-axis machines and multi-function units.

The booth unites technologies from all MAG businesses and organizes them into specific solution areas. "The booth reflects how we've structured MAG around customer needs," said Mark Logan, VP Business Development & Marketing for MAG Americas. "One organization provides global access to advanced manufacturing technologies engineered to specific requirements, backed up by industry's largest global service and support team."

Special theater-style Aerospace and Automotive Technology Centers will offer multi-screen and 3-D interactive technical and product presentations on advanced processing technologies. The Aerospace Technology Center presents MAG's industry leading capabilities in aircraft manufacturing with high performance machining of aluminum, titanium and composites and new advances in automated composite lay-up. The Automotive Technology Center uses a 3-D virtual reality experience to give a unique "insider" first look at machining systems from MAG that open new dimensions in flexibility, adaptability and automation.

Machine displays in the booth will feature actual customer parts produced on MAG equipment. The displays will emphasize large-part machining with examples from aerospace, construction, oilfield, mining and agriculture. Application videos will show the machines and components in action.

Beyond IMTS' widest selection of machine types, MAG will show how industry's most comprehensive support organization can raise machine productivity and competitiveness. MAG Maintenance Technologies will have displays promoting its global network of service centers and 250 service engineers strategically located worldwide. Both at the main MAG booth A-8218 and its own booth F-2705 in the new West Hall, Maintenance Technologies will demonstrate process improvement on everything from horizontal borings mills and five-axis machining to multi-spindle drilling and tapping. It will show unique tooling for maximizing metal removal, highlighted by a 300 percent gain in roughing and finishing of titanium components.

"We've tried to make it easy for IMTS visitors to find the best solution to their manufacturing needs," Logan adds. "In one booth we've focused the specialized expertise and engineering creativity of our global businesses on leading-edge technologies for key market segments. MAG intends to be the industry's preferred solutions source – that's our core message."

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MAG Industrial Automation Systems is a leading machine tool and systems company serving the durable-goods industry, worldwide, with a large portfolio of highly recognized and well-respected brands. With manufacturing operations on five continents, MAG ranks as a leader in the global metalworking capital equipment market.

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