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The "Super" incorporates a higher speed processor and a higher count absolute serial encoder to produce the highest performance and highest functionality, to date, in a servo drives.
The MR-J2S "J2 Super" AC servo drive from Mitsubishi Electric Automation is the newest version of the MR-J2 servo family. The "Super" incorporates a higher speed processor and a higher count absolute serial encoder to produce the highest performance and highest functionality, to date, in a servo drives. The J2S has a frequency response range to 550 Hz, an input command pulse rate of 500,000 pulses per second and uses motors with serial encoders with 131, 072 pulses per revolution. All this means "Super" performance in positioning accuracy and speed!

Built using the same basic dimensional hardware as the MR-J2, the "Super" amplifier has enhanced operating and set-up functions. Among these functions is the patented tuning. Mitsubishi was first in the world, 1993, to develop and patent a tuning algorithm that means no human intervention is required to get the servo running and keep it running at its ultimate performance level---even with a changing load!

Now, the algorithm has been "beefed-up" to provide a "gain search" function, a "machine simulation" function, an "adaptive oscillation control" function, and a "machine analyzer" function. All these to make life easier for the machine builder and servo user.

The MR-J2S uses features, like the MR-J2, to allow it to be applied to applications that must operate in either a speed, torque, or position mode, or in switching between the modes –even on the fly. The new MR-J2S amplifiers can be used with the MR-J2 motors—but at the lower J2 motor encoder resolution—16,384PPR. To make a positioning system, for instance, a controller that generates pulses is required. Mitsubishi can also supply this controller.

In addition to increasing the serial absolute encoder pulse resolution to 131,072 PPR, the motors have been improved to tolerate higher shock loads: up to 5G's, and tougher operating environments with higher IP ratings. To top it off, a new series of motors has been added. The HC-KFS series is a low inertia, mid capacity set of motors ranging from 50 to 750 watts. And, as with J2 motors, the absolute serial encoder reduces noise pick-up problems; eliminates the need to re-reference the system in a power-out situations; and identifies the servomotor to the amplifier. All MR-J2S Super motors can be identified by the "-FS" in the part number and incorporate connectors for power and encoder connections.

Based on the original MR-J2, the Super is still easy and friendly to set-up and operate with a new version of the Windows –based set-up software—MCOMM (Version 111E). By connecting a serial cable between the servo amplifier's RS232C serial port and a PC, a vast array of windows into the servo system's intelligence is available and includes the functions mentioned above. The original window functions include the operation of the system in several test modes-even without complex input/output signals. This means from the box to simple operation in a matter of minutes. A graphing mode allows recording actual motion profiles and saving for comparison with later profiles to determine if maintenance is necessary. Multiple diagnostic windows allow operators to quickly identify problems thus reducing downtime and troubleshooting time. In addition, there are monitoring, parameter setting, alarm, and help windows to make the MR-J2 S even more operator and production friendly.

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