News | June 6, 2024

Murata Machinery Usa Introduces New Gantry Loaded, Single Spindle Cnc Turning Center With Y-Axis Milling Function

Murata Machinery USA (Muratec), a pioneer in machining and a world-class leader in automation, announces the North American launch of its groundbreaking MSR60, a powerhouse single-spindle CNC turning center with Y-axis milling capabilities for multitasking machining. With a directly coupled 8,000 rpm live tool spindle motor, this machine is engineered to reliably deliver high-speed precision, a compact footprint, and maximum productivity through integrated built-in gantry loader automation.

The MSR60’s compact design and advanced automation capabilities allow for a space-saving layout that maximizes productivity per unit of floor space. Because it integrates milling and turning, this machine is ideal for high-mix, low-volume production environments. Like its “big sister,” MWR120, a first-of-its-kind, front-facing horizontal twin spindle turning center, the MSR60 introduces Y-axis and milling capabilities previously unavailable on a single-spindle machine.

With its automation at its core-based design, the MSR60 is a CNC turning center with front-facing 6-inch/8-inch chucks equipped with a Y-axis. It has a single 10-station turret, an X-axis stroke of 240 mm, a Y-axis stroke of ±60 mm, a Z-axis stroke of 200 mm, and a maximum spindle speed of 6,000 revolutions per minute.
The MSR60’s width is 1,555 mm, and its depth is 2,350 mm, half the size of the MWR120, but it has twice the range of motion or stroke typical for a turning machine its size.

“The MSR60 enhances Muratec’s overall single-spindle lineup, combining powerful processing capabilities within a compact design tailored for job shops just starting their automation journey,” said Jeff Kalmbach, General Manager, Machine Tools Division, Murata Machinery USA. “With the introduction of milling and Y-axis functionalities previously unavailable on a single spindle turning machine, the MSR60 enables extreme multitasking, creating complex shapes from raw materials to finished products without the need for changeovers. This innovation addresses the industry’s near-constant labor shortage and eliminates the necessity for secondary operations, streamlining production and boosting efficiency.”

Key features of Muratec’s MSR60 Single Spindle CNC Turning Center:

Maximum Spindle Utilization: Advanced built-in automation, rapid shutter-to-shutter time, reduced spindle acceleration-deceleration, and minimized turret index time make it the most efficient machine in its size range for profitable production runs.

Efficient Gantry Loading: For seamless automation, the MSR60’s optional gantry loader can handle a diverse range of workpiece varieties, enabling unattended cell and system activity. It is also available with a dual gantry loader for an even faster, more efficient run time.

Compact, Tough Design: Integrates compact design, advanced automation, oversized NSK guideways, and robust Muratec spindles to maximize productivity, cutting capabilities, and workpiece tolerances in a space-saving layout.

User-friendly, Effortless Operation: The MSR60 streamlines setup and maintenance to maximize spindle uptime with easy work holding and turret access. Its standard FANUC 31i control, featuring MANUAL GUIDE I, simplifies programming and automation setup for rapid NC program creation.

A key advantage of Muratec’s machinery is interconnectivity, allowing each machine to function both independently and in tandem to provide versatile operational capabilities. The MSR60 single-spindle machine and the MWR120 twin-spindle machine are designed to operate independently or seamlessly together for prolonged periods.

The MSR60 can also be integrated with another twin-spindle machine, enhancing its adaptability. For instance, if a customer requires three spindles for optimal cycle time, they could use two general turning machines for the initial spindles and an MSR60 for the third spindle that requires a Y-axis. This setup offers a cost-effective solution, maximizing productivity while minimizing unnecessary expenditures.

“It’s important to note that the MSR60 has the same construction design, overall functionality, and benefits as the MWR120, just in a smaller, single-spindle package,” explained Kalmbach. “If space is a premium and you only need a single spindle, the MSR60 is your solution.”

Muratec marks 50 years of automation innovation with initiatives this year. In September, Muratec will introduce this innovative new single spindle turning center as part of ten (10) cutting-edge machine demonstrations at the 2024 International Manufacturing Technology Show, Sept. 9-14, at McCormick Place in Chicago, Booth 338844.

Source: Murata Machinery USA, Inc.