News | April 20, 2023

New Announcememt For Composites, Honeycomb Structures, Foams

OPEN MIND Technologies, a  leading developer of CAD/CAM software solutions worldwide, offers a precise, highly productive ultrasonic knife cutting strategy via its hyperMILLCAM software. Ultrasonic knife cutting represents an ideal solution for the efficient cutting of advanced materials including honeycomb structures, composites, and foams often found in aerospace, automotive and wind turbine applications.  Using a single interface, users can benefit from the comprehensive programming capabilities of the hyperMILLCAD/CAM software suite ranging from 2.5D machining to 5-axis milling, as well as easily program ultrasonic cutting with oscillating cutting blades.

hyperMILL provides NC code simulation to reliably bring challenging 6-axis output to the machine. Using hyperMILL’s VIRTUAL Machining Optimizer to control the orientation of the spindle, as the sixth axis, the cutting blade is aligned to the workpiece. The Optimizer keeps toolpaths within limits for demanding machining processes with limited rotation axes, such as a fork-head style milling machine (with the machine head having two rotary axes).

“Creating the required 6-axis NC programs for knife cutting applications, including five machine axes plus a programmable spindle orientation, has historically proven to be a challenge,” said Mr. Alan Levine, Managing Director of OPEN MIND Technologies USA, Inc. “However, hyperMILL provides users with a productive, accurate, safe and smooth cutting solution which prevents hazardous rotations and retract movements.”

Manufacturers are welcome to attend a 30-minute webinar at 12:00 p.m. ET on May 18th this year when OPEN MIND Technologies Account Manager Kevin Lewis will present how CAM software can be leveraged for ultrasonic knife cutting.

Source: OPEN MIND Technologies AG