News | January 18, 2017

Newly Engineered And Designed Affordable, High Performance Tool Changer CNC Routers

Techno's New HD II CNC Routers Target Customer's Budgets with a low cost CNC Router for all CNC Applications

Techno CNC Systems is proud to unveil their new HD II large format CNC Router, a heavy duty, high performance machine with top of the line components designed specifically for the budget conscious small to mid-size production workshops. “The question was, how to engineer and build a CNC machine with the highest quality components and sell it for less? The answer was going to be in the control system. Our HD model machine, with a proven track record as a reliable work horse, was the perfect foundation to work from; and we utilized all the same drive components and added the HD II additions. We went to the controller manufacturer with a process workflow of what we needed in our new platform, and they developed the HD II controller and firmware to support our requirements,” states Techno owner, Roy Valentine.

The new HD II is all steel constructed, stress relieved, and precision machined for optimal performance and stability. It includes a 12HP HSD automatic tool changer with an 8-position tool rack and a pneumatically actuated vacuum hood that concentrates air flow on the spindle tool. A heavy duty Bakelite material is used for construction of the 4-zone vacuum T-slot table, and Techno offers a 10HP high quality Becker rotary vane vacuum pump. The HD II drive system includes THK rails and bearings, precision helical rack and pinions powered with direct drive stepper (servo optional) gear motors, and is operated with an intuitive, easy to use hand held controller.

Techno's HD II CNC Router Series is available in 4'x4', 4'x8', and 5'x10' sizes. Larger sizes are available upon request and will accept sheets in a variety of materials including wood, composites, plastics, foam, and non-ferrous metals, providing a complete affordable CNC solution for all production shops.

“Our new HD II machine now offers company owners quality performance, ease of use, and machine longevity, at an all-time low price,” says Techno's president, Roy Valentine.

SOURCE: Techno CNC Systems