Company Profile | January 1, 1996


Source: NOMURA AUTO - KGK International Corp.
Nomura KGK International Corporation is the exclusive importer of Nomura CNC "Swiss Style" Screw Machines for North America. Nomura's newest models are more accurate, cost effective and industry specific than their preceding models.

The KGK International Nomura sales group is devoted to responding to customer needs by "matching the market trend" and providing the customer with a machine "tailored" to their product. The dealer network for Nomura "Swiss Style" CNC Screw Machines stands ready to provide our customers with quality service and sales support to maintain their valuable relationship with the customer. The KGK showroom, in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, has machines on the floor ready to demonstrate their capabilities.

Nomura produces a high quality "Swiss Style" CNC Screw Machine capable of machining small complex turned workpieces. The newest line of machinery, from Nomura, ranges from a simple two-axis CNC turning center to multi-axis CNC Screw Machines with live tooling, sub-spindles, polygon turning, gear hobbing and parts conveyors for unmanned operation. Nomura's innovative tool block design and preset tooling capability ensure swift change over from part to part and continued machining accuracy.