News | July 28, 2023

Not A Minor Detail: Major Stability

Walter introduces the new WL17 indexable inserts

Tool specialist Walter is expanding its WL copy turning system with the introduction of the new WL17 indexable inserts for Swiss type auto lathes and small Dmin. Used on the W1011-S-P external turning toolholder, which is also new, and the W1210/W1211 boring bars, they bring the benefits of the existing WL25 inserts to smaller dimensions. The W1011-S-P toolholders with square shank in the most common shank sizes, 12×12 mm and 16×16 mm, are specially designed for use on automatic lathes and multi-spindle machines. Walter is as yet the only manufacturer to offer a turning system for automatic lathes with positive engagement and three-edge turning inserts. As with the WL25 turning inserts and toolholders, the smaller indexable inserts facilitate equally high cost-efficiency. This is partly thanks to the three cutting edges, as well as the stability and the higher indexing accuracy (+50 percent compared with ISO inserts). The targeted Walter precision cooling on the rake and flank faces also increases the tool edge life.

When it comes to internal turning, the inner diameter (Dmin) of the workpiece is often a limiting factor. ISO turning inserts, such as the VBMT11, have only two cutting edges and can be used at a 93° approach angle from a Dmin of 22 mm. By contrast, the new Walter boring bars W1210 and W1211 with WL17 inserts can be used for internal turning from Dmin 18 mm and have one more cutting edge. Plus, the operator can use the indexable inserts for both forward and reverse turning. Just like all WL inserts, the WL17 inserts can be used in a neutral, right-hand and left-hand version and are coated in the latest cutting tool materials, such as Tiger·tec® Gold. Thanks to its high stability and cost-efficiency, the WL17 copy turning system is ideal for internal turning of small diameters and for use on automatic lathes.

Source: Walter AG