News | January 13, 2021

Okuma Launches Free App To Monitor Machine Tool Health & Performance

  • Introducing connect plan lite, a free demo version of okuma’s robust connect plan platform
  • Free app gives machine shops an entry-level platform to preview real-time machine tool data directly on the machine’s control unit.

Okuma America Corporation, a world-leading builder of CNC machine tools, announces the launch of it’s new, free app, Connect Plan lite, designed to give machine shop personnel an entry-level platform that enables them to view select machine tool data sets and evaluate machine health and performance levels. The app is available as a free download on Okuma America’s app store - Connect Plan lite is easy to install, no network is required, and it can be run on any Okuma machine equipped with the OSP 300 or later machine control model.

Many manufacturers today have heard about the benefits of connectivity but have yet to implement this technology within their shops. Connect Plan lite affords manufacturers the ability to preview real-world health and performance data derived from one of the Okuma machine tools directly on their shop floor. Equipped with that data, shop owners can optimize machine tool processes within their operation.

Connect Plan lite displays a sample of the types of data that can be viewed on one machine, over a limited time frame, therefore operating as a “test drive” of the more comprehensive Connect Plan platform. The goal is to enable shops to visualize the kinds of actionable productivity insights they can discover by leveraging data and ultimately connectivity.

The app is the stand-alone (non-networked), single-machine version of Okuma's flagship Connect Plan product, an affordable system that provides data collection and reporting capabilities for up to 30 connected (networked) Okuma machine tools. Data is collected and presented on the machine control in real-time and offers an attractive visual depiction of machine health and performance metrics for up to 30 machines per Connect Plan license.

The types of data and information presented include:

  • Factory monitoring (visual depiction of machining statuses and performance levels across the shop floor)
  • Operating reports per machine (including run time, alarm time and stop time)
  • Alarm history per machine
  • Machining reports per job (including run time, operating time and cutting time)

Machine shops and operators are encouraged to download the free app (or contact their distributor for assistance) and run it on one of their Okuma machine tools to experience the powerful insights they can gather from bringing connectivity into their shop.

Source: Okuma America Corporation