News | November 27, 2018

Powerful & Precise Portal Milling Centres

Quality machine tools from Italian manufacturer Gruppo Parpas are available from Leader CNC Technologies. The Group is a major manufacture of medium to large range of sophisticated machine tools and a supplier of gantry mills, horizontal boring machines, bed-type mills and 5-axis machines, many using linear drive technology to achieve high speeds, fast metal removing and ensuring long term reliability.

Gruppo Parpas’ have a wide range of portal milling centres on offer and are ideal for aerospace, power generation, automotive, die & mould and general engineering sectors.

The XS range of models can machine parts up to 20M long by 4.5M wide. A recent installation of this large portal milling centre was at Birmingham based Whiston industries. The wide range of tools and attachments, together with the capability of interchanging high speed/high torque spindle cartridges, offers the customer maximum flexibility for processing heavy and complex components. Before installation took place, there were trials to find out the temperature of the production area to enable to identify the right production environment. The XS is designed to help in manufacturing accurate parts by eliminating machine fluctuation. This is done by passing temperature-controlled air around the gantry columns and the cross-rail, thus ensuring all parts of the machine are kept at a constant temperature. This is a unique design feature from Gruppo Parpas and they are the only manufacturer to implement this technology.

Maintaining Gruppo Parpas’ reputation of manufacturing machine tools for sectors such as aerospace or mould and die components is the Active, a perfect example of another powerful machine. The Active is available in two derivatives - Standard and Linear, the latter achieving 60 M/min, truly impressive for a machine of this size. The maximum table size is 4100 x 1100 mm, capable of carrying a 5000kg load. The cooled and temperature controlled 5-axis head makes the Active highly suitable for continuous machining of complex and contoured components.

The fixed gantry Roller offers maximum flexibility through a wide variety of table configurations and spindle heads. The square or round continuous rotary table, capable of carrying loads up to 3500 kg, can also be supplied for turning applications up to 600rpm. The continuous universal head is fitted with a high torque 18000rpm spindle and other spindle options are available.

Gruppo Parpas are well known for their presence at exhibitions, showcasing their machine tools, and the Diamond Linear 30 is one of the newest gantry machining centres, with many visitors interested in its impressive performance. The Diamond Linear 30 is available with 3, 4 or 5 axes for high speed mould/die machining. It features a monobloc structure using a moving gantry spindle carrier and a stationary workpiece. The Diamond 30 is available also in configuration "Linear", with linear motors on three axes and torque motors on the rotary axes.

Source: Leader CNC Technologies Limited