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Rapid Prototype Manufacturer WayKen Looking To Expand Business Opportunities By Embracing Latest Technologies

Shenzhen, China /PRNewswire/ - WayKen, one of the most reputable prototype manufacturers from China, recently announced at a press conference that the key to growing their business both inside China and overseas is the technologies they embrace and deploy.

In China, WayKen is one of the most specialized manufacturers for high-end prototype and low-volume production. The company recently announced that in order to ensure robust growth and to gain good traction in Chinese and overseas prototyping market, they would embrace the latest technologies and expand the manufacture scale. The owners of the company added that they have been deploying advanced technologies since the inception. The prototyping technologies that the company use now are CNC prototype machining, CNC aluminum machining, clear optical prototypes, rapid prototyping SLA & SLS, urethane vacuum casting, prototype finishing and painting, and rapid injection molding. Meanwhile, WayKen has added more high precision equipment and improved critical processes in manufacturing, including high precision 5-axis machines and the latest diamond machining technology (SPDM or SPDT), for prototyping complex designs and meeting most difficult manufacturing challenges.

The owners said that in the coming days, the organization will continue to focus on upgrading their rapid prototyping, CNC machining and rapid tooling technologies. "We are one of the most trusted prototyping service providers in China and we aim to help our customers at all the stages of a product development by offering rapid prototyping services. Delivering quality services is as important as embracing new technologies. We have already invested in new-age technologies and we will continue to hold on to our competitive edge in the days to come," said a top sales and marketing executive of WayKen at a recent press conference.

"From day one, the core objective of the company was to become a competitive prototype manufacturer in China and worldwide. We are not just a prototype shop, but our full-spectrum manufacturing facility backed by the advanced technologies and the right management are the key to our continued success. We are now looking to supply affordable and quality prototypes overseas as well," added the executive.

When it came to WayKen's prototypes process, he pointed out, for any order, no matter for medical devices or automotive prototypes, WayKen has developed an efficient, accurate and cost-effective process system to deliver superior results, and are capable of providing one-stop surface finishing operations. And when asked about the future prospect, he said that WayKen had invested in an independent injection molding factory with various materials and techniques for low volume manufacturing business. He indicated that in the near future, WayKen would pay more attention to low volume production.

At last, he shared that with rich experience and advanced technologies in automotive prototyping, WayKen is proud and honoured to provide comprehensive rapid manufacturing solutions for some of the world's leading automotive companies, such as BWM, Bentley Motors, Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda. "Our biggest asset is our customer base, which has grown rapidly through customer's word-of-mouth around the world; amongst them, it covers from independent inventors or designers to large scale Industrial, Commercial, Medical, Automotive and even Aerospace companies."

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WayKen is a leading manufacturer of rapid prototypes, having its offices in China.

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