News | July 28, 2022

Romi's GL 300S Turning Center With Sub-Spindle Is Ideal For Turning, Milling And Drilling

The New Generation GL 300S horizontal is equipped with a sub-spindle and a Y-axis for off-center milling and is designed for high production environments.

Romi's New Generation GL 300S horizontal turning center is equipped with a sub-spindle and a Y-axis for off-center milling. It has a maximum cutting diameter of 11.8" (300 mm), Z-travel of 23.6" (600 mm), and is designed for turning, milling, and drilling operations in high production environments. The GL300 S features high power torque and feed force and is built with a robust "Romi-made" monoblock base for ultimate rigidity and precision. The machine weighs in at 11,464 lbs. (5200 kg).

The GL 300S comes equipped with thermal compensation with sensors to maintain stable, dimensional results even during long working periods. According to Mr. Rafael Boldorini, General Manager at Romi USA, "The use of sensors provides accurate, real-time compensation as opposed to compensation based only on pre-defined algorithms. The result is more accurate as the machine temperature increases over extended periods."

The GL 300S is equipped with durable roller ways on all axes to produce high rigidity and a 12-station BMT55 turret with driven tools and a Y-axis. A built-in spindle and sub-spindle motor with chiller incorporated and direct drive servo-motors produce high response speed, accuracy, less vibration, and lower maintenance requirements. Chilling the motor increases life expectancy and produces less thermal expansion.

The CNC control features a Fanuc 32iB with a 19" LCD touchscreen and is the newest generation of Fanuc's Series iHMI. It is designed to produce faster, more accurate performance for turning applications with separate areas on the main screen for planning, machining, improvements, and utilities. Functions are accessible with just two clicks. It comes standard with an ethernet interface, as well as a compact flash card and USB ports

Romi's GL Series turning centers are all produced in Romi's state-of-the-art facilities that maintain various safety and quality certifications, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949, and CE.

Source: Romi Machine Tools Ltd