News | July 16, 2012

Sinusoid Pty Ltd Introduces Rotary Encoders - RPE1, RPE2


Sinusoid Pty Ltd announces the release of its new rotary encoders, RPE1 and RPE2. The encoders offer continuous monitoring of rotation angle for speeds of up to 7500rpm. Applications include CNC, process control, consumer electronics and robotics.

Models RPE1 and RPE2 are magnetically coupled, hall-effect rotary encoders, which differ in their output format.

The RPE1 provides absolute analog output of a voltage that is directly proportional to the angle of the shaft, increasing linearly for a clockwise direction. Output range is 0-100% of supply voltage.

The RPE2 features dual outputs of incremental quadrature, and absolute PWM with index channel. The quadrature channels A and B are out of phase by 90° depending on rotation direction. The PWM channel has 1024 positions.

All models provide 10-bit output resolution.

Both RPE1 and RPE2 models are available with shaft sizes of either 8mm or 6.35mm (¼”) diameter.

The encoders are robustly constructed in anodised aluminium, and have dual 8mm ID ball bearings for shaft support. Body dimensions are 31x30mm diameter and mounting is by flange mount with 3 x M3 screws.

RPE models are suitable for maximum speeds of up to 7500rpm depending on ingress protection required.

Mark Vitnell, Director of Sinusoid Pty Ltd says “These new RPE encoders are quality products, made in Australia at a competitive price”.

Typical applications are:


Digital potentiometers






CNC Machine tool position


Valve angle sensor






Hand and Jog wheel encoders


Lever angle






Tool control


Industrial actuator position






Gearbox speed sensor


Motor speed sensor








Robotics encoder






Antenna position indicator


Front panel switch






Accelerator control


Control position indicator






Controls for video and audio


Rotary position sensing







mixing and editing

Part numbers:



Absolute analog rotary encoder with 8mm shaft



Absolute analog rotary encoder with 6.35mm (¼”) shaft



Absolute PWM and incremental quadrature rotary encoder with 8mm shaft



Absolute PWM and incremental quadrature rotary encoder with 6.35mm (¼”) shaft

The RPE1 and RPE2 rotary encoders are available directly from Sinusoid Pty Ltd on their website

Located in Sydney, Australia, Sinusoid Pty Ltd produces electronic parts and software products.

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