News | May 14, 2024

Taewoong Relies On SMS Group Expertise For Ring Rolling Machine Upgrade

  • The project involves the upgrade and installation of ring rolling machine RAW630(800)/630(800)
  • It will enable the production of seamless rings up to eleven meters in diameter
  • The scope of supply includes the plant engineering, electrical and automation systems, and digitalization solutions

Taewoong has partnered with SMS group for over 20 years, placing great value on the advanced steelmaking machinery and technology. The company uses a variety of SMS-supplied equipment, such as a rolling mill and one of the world´s largest ring continuous casting lines for round profiles. This new project involves the revamp and modernization of Taewoong Steel’s existing ring rolling mill machine. The project includes dismantling the existing equipment as well as installing, supervising, and commissioning the new reinforcement equipment. The updated machine will be capable of producing rings up to eleven meters in diameter, 2.75 meters high, and weighing a maximum of 95 tons. These specifications are ideal for manufacturing components such as the tower flanges used in offshore wind turbine installations.

Key improvements will be made to the machine's base, control systems, and ring centering mechanisms, which will improve the production of larger rings and ensure consistent quality. The upgrade also features new water-cooled, frequency-controlled AC drives designed to minimize maintenance needs. Moreover, the machine's axial rolling force will be increased, and its main and axial rolls will be equipped with even more powerful drives, allowing Taewoong to fabricate rings close to 100 tons.

Taewoong will modernize its operations in two shifts to minimize disruption. The upgrade includes implementing a suite of digital solutions that includes SMS Metrics and Smart Alarm. SMS Metrics analyzes sensor data for operational optimization, while Smart Alarm manages and improves alarm systems to enhance machine uptime and reduce maintenance costs, thus streamlining production processes. This digital enhancement will offer better analytics and equipment monitoring.

Yong-Do Huh, chairman of Taewoong, said, “For more than two decades, we have consistently sourced our machinery from SMS group, a supplier we regard as the finest in the global industry. Our confidence in their technology is the foundation of our repeated business, prompting us to procure equipment, including ring rolling mills, blank presses, and bloom continuous casting machines (CCM) exclusively from SMS group.”

Taewoong Co., Ltd. is set to bolster its leading position in the production of large-scale rings for various sectors, including both onshore and offshore wind power generation, small modular reactors (SMRs), maritime and offshore construction, as well as specialized aerospace and defense equipment.

“The enduring alliance between Taewoong and SMS group is a testament to our shared commitment to excellence in the metal manufacturing industry. This modernization initiative marks the continuation of our journey together, reinforcing a partnership that is as much about innovative technology as it is about the unwavering resolve to meet and exceed industry demands,” said Bernhard Steenken, CSO, Region APAC & MEA, SMS group.

Source: SMS Group GmbH