News | April 15, 2024

The Miller Copilot Collaborative Welding System Now Features The Auto Deltaweld Power Source

Latest advanced automated power source makes welding automation easier and more effective than ever.

Miller Electric Mfg. LLC, a leading worldwide manufacturer of Miller brand arc welding equipment, has announced that the Copilot collaborative robotic welding system now features the new Auto Deltaweld as its welding power source. The Auto Deltaweld is currently featured on the air-cooled Copilot and will be offered on the water-cooled version later this year.

With the integration of Auto Deltaweld, the Copilot system provides all the advanced features an operator needs with a headless power source design that focuses user interface on the machine’s teach pendant — ultimately making the Copilot intuitive and accessible to welders of all skill levels. The incorporation of the Auto Deltaweld as the power source also means that its input power flexibility accommodates both single-phase and three-phase input. Lastly, the Modbus TCP communications protocol eliminates extra hardware and code between the Auto Deltaweld power source and cobot arm controller, which further mitigates software bugs and the need to troubleshoot errors.

Designed for welders by welders, Miller introduced the Copilot collaborative welding system in 2023 to help operations increase weld quality and consistency, minimize downtime and further productivity. In short, it helps to empower welders to amplify their skillsets — making it easy for shops to wade into welding automation for the first time. Because welders can learn to operate the Copilot in a matter of minutes or hours, it’s possible to increase outputs nearly immediately, generating ROI on the machine while adding to an operation’s bottom line.

Specific features that differentiate the Copilot include:

  • AccuGuide positioning control: The precision joystick helps fine-tune the position of the torch during programming.
  • IntelliSet weld settings assistant: An intuitive interface that recommends weld settings based on material, process and joint type, allowing operators to build programs with confidence for repeatable, high-quality welds.
  • Advanced capabilities: Operators can load and unload from a single station that can be shared with the robot envelope, making it great for users across all skill levels. It’s also effective for addressing challenges often faced by high-mix, low-volume operations — allowing them to accelerate training and enhance productivity to meet deadlines.

The Copilot not only evolves a shop’s operations, it shows that automation doesn’t have to be complicated to enhance efficiency and throughput. Learn more at

Source: Miller Electric Mfg. LLC