News | April 5, 2022

This Romi Machining Center Is Equipped With A Low Maintenance, 40 Big Plus Taper Direct Drive Motor That Improves Stiffness, Accuracy And Allows Increased Depth Of Cut

Romi’s New Generation D 1000 vertical machining center was designed and built based on extensive customer research, and has numerous features that enhance the machine’s rigidity and precision.

Like all Romi machine tools, it is built with Romi-made monoblock cast iron beds that absorb vibration and allow consistent production of highly precise parts. It features thermal compensation with sensors to help maintain stable, dimensional results in real time, even during long working periods when the machine temperature increases.The Romi VMC is also equipped with a low maintenance, 40 big plus taper direct drive motor that improves stiffness, accuracy and allows increased depth of cut.

Source: Romi Machine Tools Ltd.